descriptionHSTempo Tempo Measuring Application for Android Platform
last changeTue, 17 May 2011 05:25:21 +0000 (22:25 -0700)
2011-05-17 Hideki SaitoIt turns out .settings is useful, so checking in master
2011-05-16 Hideki SaitoVersion number display goof, fixed, bumped to
2011-05-15 Hideki SaitoVersion info bumped
2011-05-15 Hideki SaitoBuild fixed, new icon
2011-05-15 Hideki SaitoSome of changes were not committed to my work...
2011-05-15 Hideki Saito1.2.1 test version
2011-05-12 Hideki SaitoMerge branch 'hsaito/master'
2011-05-12 Hideki SaitoUpdated Manifest
2011-05-12 Hideki SaitoUpdating for new SDK
2010-06-03 Hideki SaitoFixed up bugs affecting newer devices
2009-07-25 Hideki SaitoForgot loc part was already done...
2009-07-25 Hideki SaitoTODO updated with a new plan, including loc
2009-06-10 Hideki SaitoBinaries for 1.2
2009-06-10 Hideki SaitoMerge branch 'workspace_1.1.1'
2009-06-10 Hideki SaitoBumped version
2009-06-10 Hideki SaitoFixed chattering
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