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This site contains some of projects at HidekiSaitoCom. Some of those projects are also available on GitHub.


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Project Description Last Change
CLANNAD_EN_savedata.git Savedata for CLANNAD (Sekai... 16 months ago
Noidea.git A sample Vocaloid3 project... 2 years ago
SoftEther.git A working copy of SoftEther... 18 months ago
Sone.git A working copy of Sone for... 20 months ago
aquaplus_gpl.git GPLed source code from AQUAPLUS 5 years ago
docker-gnupg2.git Dockerfile for hsaito/gnupg2 17 months ago
docker-torbox.git Tor container for Docker 20 months ago
gnupg-buildkit.git Build kit for GnuPG Modern 4 months ago
gnupg-kouza-page.git Source file for GnuPG Kouza... 14 months ago
hstempo_android.git HSTempo Tempo Measuring Applic... 5 years ago
minecraft.git Hideki's Minecraft World 9 months ago
mozc-anime-dictionary.git Anime terms dictionary for... 18 months ago
python-mynumber.git Japanese Social Security and... 16 months ago
skk-anime-dictionary.git Anime dictionaries for SKK 17 months ago
vocaloid3-to-blender.git Vocaloid3 (VSQX) importer... 2 years ago
zautempo.git ZauTempo, the tempo visualizat... 8 years ago