2014-05-18 Hideki SaitoNew pool, subway modernization for the first one
2014-05-18 Hideki SaitoAdditional subway system
2014-05-13 Hideki SaitoNew lighthouse
2014-05-03 Hideki SaitoNew lighthouse
2014-04-08 Hideki SaitoStarting to build a subway system
2014-04-06 Hideki SaitoModernized a lot of lighting
2014-04-04 Hideki SaitoNothing really has changed...
2014-03-21 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2014-03-20 Hideki SaitoRemoved 2014 new year theme
2014-03-20 Hideki SaitoLatest version (with 2014 theme)
2014-03-20 Hideki SaitoAdding latest changes to the map
2014-03-20 Hideki SaitoMigration to 1.7.5
2012-01-25 Hideki SaitoLighthouse tower, expanded pulse grid
2012-01-24 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2012-01-24 Hideki SaitoSome electrical works
2012-01-14 Hideki SaitoMonumental park is opening
2012-01-13 Hideki SaitoStarted redevelopment in former harvesting area
2012-01-12 Hideki SaitoResave on 1.1 1.1
2012-01-10 Hideki SaitoFire caused destruction of tree harvesting center
2012-01-10 Hideki SaitoExtended pulse line to overtech center
2012-01-05 Hideki SaitoWater tank facility
2011-12-27 Hideki SaitoWIP for some new structure
2011-12-16 Hideki SaitoStone generation center
2011-12-05 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2011-12-03 Hideki SaitoMinor changes
2011-12-02 Hideki SaitoRepaired starter wasn't working
2011-12-02 Hideki SaitoNew pulser station
2011-11-28 Hideki SaitoExpanded the experiment hall
2011-11-24 Hideki SaitoNew mega-building
2011-11-23 Hideki Saito"Tripwire" system, emergency exit...
2011-11-21 Hideki SaitoAgricultural test center
2011-11-20 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2011-11-20 Hideki SaitoCreated isolated chamber
2011-11-18 Hideki SaitoSaved session for 1.0 1.0
2011-11-03 Hideki SaitoNew underground facility
2011-10-29 Hideki SaitoSchool chime system revised as automatic system wasn...
2011-10-29 Hideki SaitoSchool chime system implemented
2011-10-27 Hideki SaitoIn progress for chime Beta1.9pre5
2011-10-22 Hideki SaitoExplorered further
2011-10-19 Hideki SaitoMinor improvements
2011-10-14 Hideki SaitoNew area explored Beta1.9pre4
2011-10-06 Hideki SaitoNew mountain structure
2011-10-05 Hideki SaitoLighthouse
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoAdded some guideposts to desert town
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoRevised directory structure
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoSome new tunnels
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoPurged the world no longer maintained. World renamed
2011-09-20 Hideki SaitoPortal network expansion
2011-09-15 Hideki SaitoFurther explorations
2011-09-15 Hideki SaitoExplored some new region
2011-09-15 Hideki SaitoUpdated for version 1.8 Beta1.8
2011-08-28 Hideki SaitoHotel construction done, and repurposed to office building
2011-08-27 Hideki SaitoAdditional tunnel construction and hotel progress
2011-08-19 Hideki SaitoCreated underwater facility
2011-08-17 Hideki SaitoAdditional ladder access
2011-08-17 Hideki SaitoWalkway between areas
2011-07-28 Hideki SaitoWalkway
2011-07-01 Hideki SaitoEmergency shutoff switch is now electric
2011-07-01 Hideki SaitoStacked fence, initial take
2011-06-30 Hideki SaitoMigrated to 1.7 Beta1.7
2011-06-11 Hideki SaitoAdded new residential building in the Overtechnology...
2011-06-10 Hideki SaitoGatekeeper's Office
2011-05-29 Hideki SaitoAdditional building for Overtech Center
2011-05-28 Hideki SaitoSpecial "overtechnology" zone with imported items
2011-05-27 Hideki SaitoNew test chamber
2011-05-27 Hideki SaitoNew hatches Beta1.6
2011-05-16 Hideki SaitoAdditional progress of the hotel construction
2011-05-05 Hideki SaitoAdditional construction on the hotel
2011-05-04 Hideki Saito"Imported item" warehouse and new shutoff mechanism...
2011-05-03 Hideki SaitoSome more progress on the hotel
2011-05-03 Hideki SaitoBuilding the hotel
2011-04-29 Hideki SaitoFish
2011-04-29 Hideki SaitoImproved shutoff system
2011-04-29 Hideki SaitoRedesigned emergency shutoff system
2011-04-28 Hideki SaitoMineral Hotel Construction Began
2011-04-20 Hideki SaitoBetter transit system Beta1.5
2011-04-15 Hideki SaitoAdded new building close to the tree farm #2
2011-04-08 Hideki SaitoBuilt a shelter
2011-04-02 Hideki SaitoAdded ladder structure
2011-04-01 Hideki SaitoSaved under 1.4. New portal structure, incinirator Beta1.4
2011-03-31 Hideki SaitoAdditional portals
2011-03-31 Hideki SaitoPortal to Neather added. One less building as it burnt...
2011-03-28 Hideki SaitoNew tree farm / tree storages
2011-03-27 Hideki SaitoExpanded the geofront
2011-03-26 Hideki SaitoTree farm expanded, a new lodge near tree farms
2011-03-24 Hideki SaitoAuditrium complete and new tree farm B
2011-03-23 Hideki SaitoAuditorium completed, still need final touch
2011-03-22 Hideki SaitoPower shutdown mechanism
2011-03-19 Hideki SaitoUnderground pulse grid
2011-03-17 Hideki SaitoMinor updates
2011-03-17 Hideki SaitoFrequency Conversion Substation
2011-03-16 Hideki SaitoHousekeeping update
2011-03-12 Hideki SaitoMade new tower
2011-03-10 Hideki SaitoNew multistory residential building
2011-03-10 Hideki SaitoAdded new underground structure, glass over the mine
2011-03-09 Hideki SaitoInfrastructure expansion
2011-03-08 Hideki SaitoPulse descention tower on the Floating City is completed.
2011-03-08 Hideki SaitoSome resource hunting
2011-03-07 Hideki SaitoInfrastructure is updated. Now message board lamps...
2011-03-06 Hideki SaitoAdded URL