Light added to statue
[minecraft.git] / region / r.0.1.mcr
2014-03-20 Hideki SaitoAdding latest changes to the map
2012-01-25 Hideki SaitoLighthouse tower, expanded pulse grid
2012-01-10 Hideki SaitoExtended pulse line to overtech center
2011-10-22 Hideki SaitoExplorered further
2011-10-14 Hideki SaitoNew area explored Beta1.9pre4
2011-10-06 Hideki SaitoNew mountain structure
2011-10-05 Hideki SaitoLighthouse
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoAdded some guideposts to desert town
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoRevised directory structure