Monumental park is opening
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2012-01-14 Hideki SaitoMonumental park is opening
2012-01-13 Hideki SaitoStarted redevelopment in former harvesting area
2012-01-12 Hideki SaitoResave on 1.1 1.1
2012-01-10 Hideki SaitoFire caused destruction of tree harvesting center
2012-01-05 Hideki SaitoWater tank facility
2011-12-16 Hideki SaitoStone generation center
2011-12-05 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2011-12-03 Hideki SaitoMinor changes
2011-12-02 Hideki SaitoRepaired starter wasn't working
2011-12-02 Hideki SaitoNew pulser station
2011-11-28 Hideki SaitoExpanded the experiment hall
2011-11-24 Hideki SaitoNew mega-building
2011-11-23 Hideki Saito"Tripwire" system, emergency exit...
2011-11-20 Hideki SaitoMinor update
2011-11-18 Hideki SaitoSaved session for 1.0 1.0
2011-10-29 Hideki SaitoSchool chime system revised as automatic system wasn...
2011-10-29 Hideki SaitoSchool chime system implemented
2011-10-27 Hideki SaitoIn progress for chime Beta1.9pre5
2011-10-22 Hideki SaitoExplorered further
2011-10-19 Hideki SaitoMinor improvements
2011-10-14 Hideki SaitoNew area explored Beta1.9pre4
2011-10-06 Hideki SaitoNew mountain structure
2011-10-05 Hideki SaitoLighthouse
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoAdded some guideposts to desert town
2011-09-30 Hideki SaitoRevised directory structure