Frequency Conversion Substation
[minecraft.git] / World2 / level.dat_old
2011-03-17 Hideki SaitoFrequency Conversion Substation
2011-03-16 Hideki SaitoHousekeeping update
2011-03-12 Hideki SaitoMade new tower
2011-03-10 Hideki SaitoNew multistory residential building
2011-03-10 Hideki SaitoAdded new underground structure, glass over the mine
2011-03-09 Hideki SaitoInfrastructure expansion
2011-03-08 Hideki SaitoPulse descention tower on the Floating City is completed.
2011-03-08 Hideki SaitoSome resource hunting
2011-03-07 Hideki SaitoInfrastructure is updated. Now message board lamps...
2011-03-06 Hideki SaitoInfrastructure update, power descention tower is up...
2011-03-06 Hideki SaitoNew pulse distribution structures. (not wired yet)
2011-03-05 Hideki SaitoCentral Pulse Generation System installed
2011-03-04 Hideki SaitoMinor improvements for the exhibit
2011-03-03 Hideki SaitoSpecial exhibit at the event hall at the floating city
2011-03-03 Hideki SaitoFixed logic issues
2011-03-02 Hideki SaitoThe message board is installed
2011-03-02 Hideki SaitoThe observation deck on the top of the mountain.
2011-03-01 Hideki SaitoThe first transit system opens in the city!
2011-03-01 Hideki SaitoAdded tree house structure
2011-02-28 Hideki SaitoAdded additional structure. README updated.
2011-02-28 Hideki SaitoInserted window block in the backyard house
2011-02-27 Hideki SaitoAdded tree farm
2011-02-26 Hideki SaitoAdded island tower
2011-02-26 Hideki SaitoHotel has a counter now
2011-02-24 Hideki SaitoAdded new building and ocean view home
2011-02-23 Hideki SaitoNew hotel
2011-02-23 Hideki SaitoAddtional dwelling
2011-02-23 Hideki SaitoConverted for 1.3 Beta1.3
2011-02-22 Hideki SaitoFence modification, new building
2011-02-22 Hideki SaitoSomething went weird, hopefully fixed
2011-02-22 Hideki SaitoAdded some power poles and pavement improvement.
2011-02-20 Hideki SaitoAdded few more buildings with pavement on the pathways
2011-02-20 Hideki SaitoMountain top shack
2011-02-18 Hideki SaitoAdded new mine development and reinforced storage
2011-02-17 Hideki SaitoJust moved around
2011-02-17 Hideki SaitoAdded lake bridge extension, created midlake tower
2011-02-17 Hideki SaitoInitial commit of the Minecraft savedata